Chocolate for a better world

We make a contribution to improving the conditions of life and the income of small cocoa farmers and their families, in order to establish an appropriate basis for the lives of the current and future generations. We are also continually engaged in providing instruction for cocoa farmers in the field of agricultural technology in order to join them in achieving higher productivity and better-quality cocoa.

For us the importance of sustainability in the cocoa sector primarily lies in promoting sustainable cocoa cultivation. With this in mind we are involved in continuous dialogue with our trade partners.

Forum for Sustainable Cocoa

To improve the situation of cocoa farmers in the countries where it is grown and to promote sustainable cocoa cultivation – the Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao (Forum for Sustainable Cocoa) was founded in June 2012 for these purposes.

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Fairtrade is a strategy to fight poverty. By means of fairer commerce, it aims to improve the situation of underprivileged producers’ families in Africa, Asia and South America, to strengthen the domestic economy and in the long term to remove unjust structures in the world economy. FAIRTRADE is more than the import and sale of products. It gives a face to the people behind the products.

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Organic Farming Logo

The German Bio-Siegel was introduced in 2001 as a voluntary label for organic food. Since then, the seal has established itself as one of the most famous and most frequently used product labels in the German food market.

Products marked with the organic farming logo may, among other things, not be produced by means of or including genetically modified foodstuffs, may not be produced with the use of synthetic pesticides and may not contain any flavour enhancers, artificial aromas, dyes or emulsifiers. In 2010 a legally binding new logo was introduced for the whole European Union that specifies that at least 95 % of the contents must derive from organic farming.

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UTZ Certified Cocoa

UTZ Certified stands for sustainable cultivation and better future prospects for farmers, their families and our planet. Through the UTZ programme, farmers improve their harvest, their income and their prospects, while conserving the environment and the earth’s natural resources. In addition to cocoa, UTZ Certified also has sustainability programmes for coffee and tea.

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Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, RSPO was founded in 2004 at the initiative of the WWF. It actively promotes sustainable methods of cultivating palm oil.

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Private-label customers of Baronie can choose from the following certificates: