SAROTTI expands mono-chocolate and truffle range

Cologne/Frankfurt am Main, 30 January 2011 – SAROTTI – the cocoa chocolate is serving up some very special innovations for its SAROTTI mono-chocolate and truffle range at this year’s ISM. The long-standing mono-chocolate mixture “Magic Moments” is to be enriched with a select mixture of fine yoghurt mono-chocolates. Truffle fans can look forward to finely-powdered, creamily tender “French Truffles”. And for lovers of exquisite desserts there will be a selection of seductive dessert mono-chocolates in the future.

SAROTTI “Magic Moments” with fine yoghurt mono-chocolates
SAROTTI mono-chocolates have been convincing for many years thanks to their excellent sales in the trade – last year the growth in the sales volume was more than 5 percent. And SAROTTI “Magic Moments” saw above-average growth of 20 percent. Convincing growth rates have also been posted by yoghurt mono-chocolates, with manufacturers in 2010 attaining considerably higher sales in the relevant period March to September than in the two previous years. Stollwerck is taking up this trend this year and is presenting SAROTTI “Magic Moments” with fine yoghurt mono-chocolates at the ISM for the first time ever. These are filled with plain yoghurt or with deliciously refreshing fruit yoghurt and coated with the best full milk chocolate – a truly light mono-chocolate pleasure. The new mono-chocolate mixture captivates with the four delicious varieties “Yoghurt”, “Yoghurt Raspberry”, “Yoghurt Mango” and “Yoghurt Strawberry”. All 28 mono-chocolates are individually wrapped to ensure they remain fresh and retain their aroma for a long time. Served slightly chilled these mono-chocolates are a particular pleasure in the warm summer months.
Available: In all probability from April through to August 2011.

SAROTTI dessert mono-chocolates
Above all the Dessert Sélection are something special: Thanks to sophisticated confectionery SAROTTI is seducing mono-chocolate connoisseurs from the autumn of 2011 onwards with a totally new pleasure. Miniature masterworks of the confectionery art in four different varieties are to be found in the new mono-chocolate mixture: “Panna Cotta”, “Crème Brulée” and “Chocolate Cream” in full milk chocolate and “Coffee Cream” in bittersweet chocolate. Thus fans of sweets do not have to opt for a dessert, but can try out all four creations. This innovation will not be falling on stony ground, for the premium mono-chocolate segment is displaying the strongest growth – 5 percent.

SAROTTI “French Truffles”
A further innovation is coming along at just the right time: SAROTTI “French Truffles”. The market leader in the truffle market is thus offering premium truffles in best confectionery quality. For SAROTTI “French Truffles” are finely-powdered, creamy cocoa-intensive truffles with a fine melt, manufactured to traditional recipes and in top quality in France, and with a bitter-sweet hint of coffee. Truffle fans can look forward to a special treat for the senses: The chunky truffles first catch the eye with their coating of fine cocoa powder, which then conquers the taste buds. The truffle center then opens with a gentle crunch, followed by a true delight for the palate with the intensive cocoa and chocolate experience of the gentle truffle cream with its fine hint of bitter-sweet coffee. The new SAROTTI “French Truffles” are available from September 2011 onwardsin retail outlets.

About Stollwerck:
Stollwerck GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, is a leading manufacturer of chocolate products such as chocolate tablets, boxed assortments and truffles, as well as small bites and chocolate bars. The company boasts a tradition going back 170 years, with extensive competence and experience in the use of cocoa and chocolate raw materials and ingredients. Through the integration into Barry Callebaut AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products, the company covers the entire value-added chain – from the cocoa bean, through its
processing, to the finished product on the sales shelf. Stollwerck produces at a number of sites, primarily in Germany, and has a focused brand portfolio, which includes the leading umbrella brand Sarotti, which still ranks among the brands best known to consumers, Alpia and Alprose.

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